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ERA Manifesto

Shaping the Future of Entertainment

Political parties, Pressure groups and charities have long published manifestos. Until now, the UK's entertainment retailers and digital entertainment services have done without.

So does entertainment retailing need a manifesto, a statement of principles, a vision for the future?

We believe so. Music, video and games is a significant business, not just economically where sales are currently in excess of £5.6bn a year, but also culturally.

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About ERA

Welcome to the Entertainment Retailers Association Website. ERA represents retailers who sell entertainment products such as recorded music, DVD's and games (multimedia).

Established in 1988, the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA) is the UK trade body representing the interests of physical and digital retailers of entertainment such as music, video and video games, a market worth over £5billion per annum.

ERA now represents over 90% of the of the UK's entertainment retail market and acts as a forum for the physical and digital retail and wholesale sectors of the music, video and videogames industries.

ERA News

ERA publishes newsletters to its members every quarter, as well as regular news items and anti-piracy news.

Amazon Prime Music launches online radio
Amazon is ramping up its Prime Music streaming service in the UK
9 Feb 2016
Entertainment scores its best year ever as music, video and games revenues surge throu...
Discs have a good year as vinyl booms and CDs hold their own
6 Jan 2016
ERA Blog

Find out what is happening within the industry by reading our Blog.

&nbsp;<img src="/media/266970/020116_letter_to_era-page-001_500x706.jpg" width="500" height="706" alt="020116 Letter To ERA-page -001" style...
9 Feb 2016
Bayley on: 25
Thoughts on a stellar week for music retailers It was a week when UK entertainment retailers simply got on with what t...
27 Nov 2015
‘Star Wars’ shines for Disney
10 Feb 16
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