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New games consoles to provide £1.2bn boost for retailers

Sony and Microsoft go head-to-head at ERA AGM

The head-to-head launches of the next generation Xbox One and PS4 gaming consoles in November are set to provide a £1.2bn bonanza for entertainment retailers, according to research commissioned by the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA). The total could even exceed £3bn.

ERA Director General Kim Bayley, "The drama and excitement generated by PS4 and Xbox One look set to produce the sales boost retailers have been crying out for."

The gaming sector is expected to be so buoyed by the hotly-anticipated launches that games could outsell the music and video sectors combined in the four weeks leading up to Christmas, says ERA (research details below).

The news comes as ERA prepares to host presentations from both Microsoft and Sony at its Annual General Meeting this coming Wednesday 18 September.

"This is a last minute opportunity for Microsoft and Sony to eyeball their most important retail customers just weeks before battle commences," says Bayley.

The ERA AGM takes place at the offices of the BPI in London this coming Wednesday September 18. Key sessions include:


  • Ian Vinten (Sony) and Jonathan Grimes (Microsoft) on the launches of PS4 and Xbox One;
  • Lavinia Carey (British Video Association) and Geoff Taylor (BPI) on what video and music have to offer to compete with games;
  • Top lawyer Gregor Pryor on how digital services can cut through the licensing jungle;
  • Exclusive insights from ERA's new quarterly research tracking study on device ownership and entertainment consumption,
  • Updates from the front-line of the entertainment industry's fight against piracy with contributions from the Industry Trust for IP Awareness, the BPI Anti-Piracy Unit and the Alliance for Intellectual Property.

About ERA's research

ERA's research on the prospects for Xbox One and PS4 is based on a survey of 2,068 adults conducted by Fly Research in the week commencing August 12 2013. It suggests the potential for 3.1m of the consoles, worth £1.2bn, to be sold around the launch period.

Around 2.7% of the people surveyed said they would "definitely" be buying the Xbox One. Scaled up to the UK's 49m adult population as a whole, that equates to 1.3m units and £560m at the expected retail price. Around 3.7% of the population said they would definitely be buying the PS4. This equates to 1.8m units worth £638.5m.

In both cases, sales could be much higher if those who said they are "likely" to buy the new consoles are included. Some 7% of the population says they are "definitely or likely to" buy the Xbox One. 10% say they are "definitely or likely to" buy the PS4. 

In the unlikely event all of these people did decide to buy immediately and the manufacturers were able to meet demand, sales could reach £3.1bn.


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